Legacies, Wills and Endowments

We are firmly committed to the fair and equitable liquidation, and we deal with the diversity and identification of the assets of the estate, the sorting of shares and shares, the work of inheritance nets, and the distribution of wealth among the heirs according to the best successful practices

Legal advice and studies

We prepare studies for companies, institutions, individuals and even government sectors in everything related to commercial, civil, administrative and legal practices, while providing professional legal advice and counselling in all areas.


Our aim is to achieve justice and preserve rights, so when we undertake litigation tasks on behalf of our clients, we take all necessary measures to file lawsuits to claim their rights or defend them

Corporate Governance

Qiyam’s team is able to determine the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties in the company by detailing the procedures and rules for making decisions related to the company’s management, and setting the necessary procedures and plans to achieve the company’s goals

Family companies

We handle the drafting and reviewing of the internal documents and regulations of family businesses to ensure the documentation of family ties between successive generations, restructuring family property, organizing family social contributions, and raising awareness of the importance of the pioneering role of family entities.


In Qiyam, we have certified notaries who provide documentation services, as documentation has developed in recent times and its services have become various. It is no longer limited to issuing and rescinding delegations or services of mortgage; its release and amendment, but in addition to various services.

transformation and privatization

We participate in providing studies and recommendations for the privatization process of government entities, we also provide solutions and legal proceedings for the transfer of employees, and with Qiyam's great experience in the field of privatization, we participate in the preparation and drafting of decisions and legal contracts necessary for transformation and privatization programs

Drafting and reviewing contracts

We believe that the drafting and review of contracts and agreements is a contractual art that can accommodate many relationships, whatever their subject, and good drafting requires a great deal of commitment to the principles and assets related to the form of these contracts.

Corporates Establishment and Merge

We establish companies, starting from drafting their articles of incorporation and registration, extracting their commercial records as well as their subsidiary records, in addition to amending contracts, according to the wishes of the partners and taking all necessary measures.

Zakat and tax

We deal and negotiate with the Department of Zakat and Income Tax on behalf of our clients, in various matters related to zakat and income tax such as the zakat declaration, zakat installments and others.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

We take care of all issues related to the bankruptcy system and insolvency procedures, and enable the bankrupt or defaulting debtor to resume his/her activity, overcome financial difficulties and take into account the rights of all parties

Debt Collection

We help focus on what achieves revenue streams at the lowest cost, through the experience we have gained in dealing with commercial entities or individuals that made the work team in Qiyam of high capacity and efficiency in dealing with debt issues by choosing the most appropriate time for each of the collection procedures, from conducting amicable settlement to taking legal action

Financial and Insurance services

We represent clients in corporate finance transactions, formulate insurance policy for them, and give advice for guarantors and insured, and provide services including equity capital market transactions, initial public offerings and complex equity financing transactions.

Arbitration, mediation and settlement

Arbitration is one of the methods approved by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international systems as an alternative or supportive means for settling disputes, and we at Qiyam have a great experience in this field

Banking Services

We represent the beneficiaries of banking services, whether they are applicants for advice or aggrieved individuals claiming their rights, as well as everything related to international and domestic credit transactions, trade finance, financial restructuring operations, syndicated loans, and others


Our Clients